Air Breeze

Rebranding an off-grid wind power product

Air Breeze product logo

Air Breeze is a small wind turbine designed for use in remote areas. It’s a product of Southwest Windpower, the same company that makes the Skystream model for residential use. Air Breeze is smaller and differs most in that it’s made for off-grid applications, like boats and cabins.

Air Breeze Marine product logo Air Breeze Land product logo

The identity system was designed to distinguish two product types within the Air Breeze line—land and marine use. This treatment extended to retail packaging.

Air Breeze packaging Air Breeze packaging Air Breeze packaging Air Breeze packaging

We developed the Air Breeze brand identity on the heels of our work for Skystream. A key concern was that both products relate as a family, yet are clearly differentiated.

Air Breeze and Skystream logos

Perhaps they’re more like cousins than siblings.

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