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Reshaping a company as a consumer brand

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Balanced Body makes the best Pilates equipment in the world, built in sunny California. For 30 years, they’ve led the industry with a reputation for craftsmanship, innovative product design and a deep connection to the Pilates community. But true to their nature, they wanted to do it better and reach more people around the world.

We led them through a comprehensive rebrand (which may or may not have included deep-breathing exercises). This produced a whole new way to express the brand, as well as redefining the meaning behind it.

Balanced Body logo Balanced Body logo banners
The new logo symbolizes three things important to Balanced Body — movement, people and the natural world.

Many things changed in this rebrand. A new logo was born, departments were integrated, and product brands streamlined. Big changes. All of which required them to start thinking less like a manufacturer of things, and more like a company that empowers well-being.

Already a Pilates category leader, we positioned them for future successes—new products and growth within the health, wellness and fitness industry. Doing so meant exceeding standards set by peers. Instead, focusing on the global stage.

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To express their brand through all communications, we developed a look, feel, attitude and voice that is warm, casual and truly Californian. This is who they are. It strengthens their story, makes a human connection, and supports their reputation for highest-quality products.

Balanced Body look and feel 1 Balanced Body look and feel 2 Balanced Body look and feel 3
This design system was developed for use across all applications: website, catalogs, advertising, products, packaging, trade show and branded environments.
Balanced Body logo pilates mat
The new logo is designed to work as a stand-along symbol in product applications.
Balanced Body product manuals
Instructor manuals show brand typography used as a product identity system, to unify all as a family.

Finally, we developed a Brand Book to document the brand concept and demonstrate proper use of the new visual identity, empowering their team to carry the brand forward in everything they make, say and do.

Balanced Body brand book cover Balanced Body brand book contents
Brand Guide chapters define the idea behind the brand and the heart within the company.
Balanced Body brand book pages
Select pages from the Visual Identity Standards, which demonstrate dos and don’ts of using the new logo, brand color and typography systems, and creative direction for imagery.

“Working with Partly Sunny was an unqualified success. They helped us through our rebranding with skill and allowed us to examine sensitive issues created by Balanced Body’s rapid growth over the last few years. We are thrilled with the results of this work, and fully vested in continuing the process they helped us start.”
–Lynne Johnson, Director of Marketing, Balanced Body

“We interviewed several companies and found Partly Sunny to be the right fit. They were tremendously skilled in understanding our company. They brought a lot to the table and got a lot out of us. We are very pleased with the results and most importantly, our customers are very pleased. We definitely recommend Partly Sunny.”
–Ken Endelman, Founder and CEO, Balanced Body

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